Misplaced Baggage

These are beautiful portraits by photographer and Vietnamese adoptee Anh Dao Kolbe. I love the imagery in the title of the photo essay…Misplaced Baggage: Same, Same But Different.

photo by Anh Dao Kolbe

Same but different. There are so many layers there to unpack…another post.


5 responses to “Misplaced Baggage

  1. Lena, thanks so much for publishing a link to Anh Dao’s photographs on Talking Writing. I hope you continue to visit our online magazine. We’ve published many articles about adoption issues, including those specific to transnational adoptions. The current issue includes an opinion piece on the ethics of adoption writing, You Do Not Know My Family.
    Best, Elizabeth

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m enjoying the thought-provoking pieces I’ve read so far…keep up the great work!

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