Note to Self…

Find other awesome transracial adoptees to write with.

If I weren’t in the middle of a workshop already, I’d be down in Oakland for this writing workshop around adoption offered by Lisa Marie Rollins, “Adoption, My Voice, My Body: A Writing Workshop.”  Lisa Marie’s blog, A Birth Project, has been around for a while, I’ve always enjoyed her writing and perspective as a transracial, African-American adoptee.

In her words:

The workshop is a one day, four hour workshop. I’ve been approached over and over about facilitating writing time for adopted people and adoptive parents. I really wanted each group of folks to have space and time to be with other people who are ‘like them’, and to have space to share what are very intimate and personal stories. We will be doing all kinds of writing exercises to get your juices flowing and to draw out stories you want to work on. Race, Class and Gender will be important parts of our writings and discussions. Even if you feel like you have no ideas, but you want to just come and ‘dump’ and use the time to write and express – you are welcome!

I’m so excited to be with other people who have been thinking about adoption, race and identity and doing my favorite thing – writing! I hope you will join me and if you can’t, please pass on to your networks of folks!

There are different sessions for adopted people, birth parents and adoptive parents.  If you’re in Oakland, or able to attend, you should definitely check it out!


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