Follow up on Hunan

Earlier this summer, I wrote about the recent uncovering of a major child trafficking problem in the Hunan province of China. The New York Times wrote about it this fall…and recently the City Blog covered the story of one adoptive mom’s response to the question,

What if your adopted child had been forcibly taken from her parents and sold into adoption?

This mother, whose 4 year-old daughter begged her to search for her birth mother, returns to China and learns that her daughter was most likely bought from a family who couldn’t afford to parent their daughter.

The fact that this adoptive mother is willing to risk everything to search for the truth is heartening, especially given that many families, her friends included, didn’t want her to search, telling her, “I don’t want my daughter asking those questions.”

The article continues:

She remains haunted by what she said she will likely never know. “If we found she’d been abducted, I would freak,” she said. “But I’m not handing my kid over, no way. I’m doing this because I think it’s the right thing. I don’t think returning her would be the right thing.” She would, she said, consider moving to China, so her daughter could see her birth mother.


Read the entire article.


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