Four Destinies


I really wish I were in MN right now. Playwright and adoptee Kate Hae Leo has written a show exploring adoption, called Four Destinies:

The classic tension between free will and destiny underscores this potent satire of adoption in America. Destiny Jones is a Korean adoptee raised in Minnesota. But Destiny Jones is also an African American adoptee, a Guatemalan-born adoptee, and an adopted Caucasian boy. Four different actors portray the same titular character on the same day with the same family. To further complicate things, a playwright named Katie Leo keeps interrupting, and she really wants to make sure she represents every adoptee ever born, as well as give all of her characters exactly what they want. What happens when the four Destinies do get what they want? In this exploration of fate, DNA, arrival stories, and the families that love them, the answers are never simple.

Maybe I can just teleport?

Or maybe, I’m already living one of those Four Destinies already. Right.



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