{On My Mind…}

Welcome to {On My Mind…}

A weekly post of things that are–you guessed it–on my mind.

A chance for me to sit down on Sunday evenings and reflect.

A space to collect the links for things I want to remember for later.


Space and Place, by Yi-Fu Tuan (a geography classic), which I’m re-reading while waiting his more recent Cosmos and Hearth from the library.

The Fall issue of the Adoption Constellation, which is packed full of great articles surrounding language and adoption.

November is National Adoption Month…which means there’s bound to be a surge in media around adoption.  Wonder how many of the articles will feature adult adoptee voices, or birth parent voices? So glad to see Jennifer Lauck and others in the adoption community are addressing this with a live teleseminar, Healing and the Adoptee.

The girls in the youth travel group I’m helping to facilitate, along with Astrid Dabbeni of Adoption Mosaic.  I knew it would be an amazing experience.  I didn’t anticipate how healing it would be to participate in the kind of group I could only dream about when I was the same age as these girls.

This article on surrogate mothers in India, often mistreated and taken advantage of by “fertility tourists”.

This post by NYTimes journalist Amy Harmon on the article she wrote on the two teens who discovered they shared the same sperm donor.

And this trailer of the PBS documentary about the original article and its aftermath as Donor 150 and the many children conceived with his sperm start to connect with each other, and themselves.  There are so many parallels between donor insemination and adoption…which, someday will be its own series of posts.


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