{On My Mind…}

Heading out today to the 5th Annual Adoption Fair, hosted by COAA. Partly to volunteer at the Adoption Mosaic Table, but also to meet other adoption agencies and get the word out about a new full spectrum doula venture a friend and I are starting.

This post, short and sweet, about the ways in which our children absorb ideas on race.

The interviews I’ve been conducting this week for my article have been fascinating and provocative…as one interviewee said, adoption stories connect us to the richness and complexity of the human experience.  They add another layer to our lives and the way we perceive ourselves and the major milestones in our lives.  I feel so lucky to be able to hold these stories and then share them with the broader community.

Language.  I’ve been thinking a lot about language lately, and the geography of spaces and silences it creates for adoptees. The Adoption Constellation’s latest issue is all about language, which has given lots of food for thought.

A new map idea: Land of Birth Search.  I want to make a map, to visualize all the various schools of thought around birth search and reunion and how to share those stories.  Someday.


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