LGA’s “Talk With Me About…Everything”

After the whole debacle last week with the MPR Daily Circuit Show and its segment in international adoption, and then the follow-up of adult adoptees, many of us were left feeling hungry for more.  Cue in LGA’s Kevin Ost-Vollmers, who asked JaeRan Kim and Kim Park Nelson to come back and do a more in-depth conversation to actually address the questions of the original segment (the decline of international adoption), as well as questions from adoptees).

It’s a fabulous interview, and well worth the time.  They also took the time to answer my original question:

I was hoping someone would talk about the financial underbelly of adoption–why does it cost so much, and what the heck is happening with that money? I was hoping someone would ask the real question: what are agencies doing to eliminate the need for adoption in the first place?

Go check it out!


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