{On My Mind}

As always, I have a running list in my head of a million different blog posts I’d write if I weren’t in the middle of studying for another exam…so this will be a shortie “placeholder”.

~We’re at T minus 4 weeks for our departure to Korea. Excited, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the other things I have to do first (like, pass A&P III and Statistics).

~As if I need more distraction, Parenting as Adoptees is released this Wednesday! So. Stoked.

~Deja vu. More NPR pieces on international adoption that fail to call upon adult adoptees. Am I surprised? No. Frustrated? Yes. JaeRan’s commentary on the whole thing is well worth reading.

~A film festival by and for adoptees? Heck yes! Go support it! Not only will there be a live festival, but for those of us who live outside the Land of Gazillion Adoptees, there will be an online festival!

~Thinking about this episode on adoption by The Story as I work on final preparation for the adoption doula training I’m facilitating in a few weeks with my partner-in-crime Risa. There’s so much about the birth mother experience that we don’t hear about…I appreciate this small attempt to share more than adoptive parents’ stories.


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