Spring News

Ok, maybe I’m a little ambitious in calling it spring yet…but I’m feeling the spring energy.

I’m checkin back in to say this blog might be quiet for the next little while. Last fall I was busy finishing my pre-nursing classes and on Friday I just received word that I’ve been offered admission to my top choice school for a joint nursing/nurse-midwifery program! I’m over the moon excited and can’t wait to begin this June.

In the meantime, I’m doing doula work and will be doing some traveling this April to Mexico for a Spanish language program in Cuernavaca.

I still think about Korea all the time…and wonder, in the back of my mind, whether I should do more to revive my birth search process. But right now, it just doesn’t feel like what I need to be doing. I know that Korea will always be there…but right now is time to nourish my own well-being and have some fun before school starts up again. And honestly, while traveling to Korea would be amazing and life-changing and all that jazz…I think it would also be emotionally challenging in a way that I just don’t have energy for right now.

So, I’m taking a bit of a break from it all.

But. I will say, I really, really hope I can make it to the APRC’s inaugural adoption conference in November, Reframing the Adoption Discourse. It’s going to be the most amazing adoption conference…ever.


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