First Trip Home 2012

After almost 30 years, I’ll be making my first trip back to Korea this September with GOA’L.  I’ve created this page to compile all the posts related to this trip for those that are interested in following along as I make this journey. Most recent posts are at the top.

Daegu [reflections on an afternoon in my birth city]

Post-Trip Daily Grind [adjusting to the realities of being home]

Liminal Spaces (aka post-jetlag 4am ramblings) [first thoughts on coming back home]

On Seoul and Being Korean [first impressions of being in Seoul]

When I Ought to Say Something Profound (But Can’t Think of Anything) [the last night at home]

Travel Companions [reflections on the community I bring with me]

Two Weeks [reflections on search, being on TV, and community]

It’s for Real [we’re going!]

No, I don’t speak any Korean (yet) [musings on the perennial question of language]

Why Now [excerpt from my application introduction]

It’s Official [the application is in!]

Korea! [the initial announcement about the trip]


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