Research by Adoptees

Books, Theses, and Other Publications

Notable Research, compiled by Adoptees Have Answers (project of the MN Dept. of Human Services)

Boundaries and Bridges: Exploring Korean Adoptees’ Reports of Adoptive Family Communication During and After Intrusive Interactions and Racial Communication, by Sara Docan-Morgan, PhD (Korean adoptee, raised in US)*

*I did not see the title of Docan-Morgan’s dissertation until several months after I started this blog, the title of which I had been considering for over a year before I started it.  The title stemmed from my own independent research as a geography undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke.  If I had known it was so similar to another published dissertation, I probably would have reconsidered the title and chosen differently.

Outsiders Within, edited by Trenka, Oparah and Shin

Stories of Transnational Adoptees and Their American Parents (conducted by mother/daughter team Karen Benally and Lisa Charlie de Morais Teixeira)

The Dance of Identities, by John Palmer (Korean adoptee raised in US)
Exploration of racial identity journeys for Korean-American adoptees


Bert Ballard, Assistant Professor of Communication, Pepperdine University

Tobias Hubinette, PhD (Korean adoptee raised in Sweden)
Transnational adoption, Korean adoption, representation of Korean adoption in popular culture

JaeRan Kim, MSW, LGSW, PhD Candidate and Project Coordinator at the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare at the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota

Deborah Sue Napier, MS (Korean adoptee raised in US)

Place Attachment in Relation to Ethnic Identity Reconstruction: The Korean Adoptee’s First Visit Home (thesis)

Kim Park Nelson, PhD (Dept. Chair of American Multicultural Studies, Minnesota State University, Moorhead)

John Raible, PhD, Assistant Professor of Diversity & Curriculum Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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