Research by non-adoptees


Adopted Territory: Transnational Korean Adoptees and the Politics of Belonging, by Eleana Kim

International Adoption: Lessons from Korea (article by Eleana Kim for PBS POV Documentary In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee)

Adoptee Information Seeking: Changes between Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood and the Impact of Adoption Communicative Openness, Brooke Alison Skinner-Drawz, University of MN (PhD thesis, Dept. of Family Social Science)

Choosing Ethnicity, Negotiating Race, Tuan and Shiao

MN/TX Adoption Project
Longitudinal study exploring consequences of variations in openness in adoption arrangements for all members of the adoptive kinship network: birthmothers, adoptive parents, and adopted children, and for the relationships within these family systems. Begun in mid-80’s by Harold Grotevant, Ph.D., now at UMass-Amherst


Laura Briggs, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Arizona

Catherine Ceniza Choy, Associate Professor and Acting Director of the Center for Race and Gender, UC Berkeley

Eleana Kim, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Rochester

Sarah Park, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science, St. Catherine University

David Smolin: Director, Center for Biotechnology, Law, and Ethics, Stanford


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